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In order to make the event as inclusive as possible, this year’s convention committee has decided to include all the AA convention meals as a part of the registration package.  We would like for our community to come and enjoy a weekend of fun together, especially newcomers.  For $40 ($41.50 online) you can spend three days connecting with our fellowship where everyone is free to enjoy the meals together. 

All participants need to register and receive a badge to attend Convention events.
Why do I have to pay?

Online and Mail in Registration (Closed)

Online registration will be open soon.

Please subscribe to our email list in order to receive updates and special offers.

If you mailed in a registration after 10/9/2019, there is a chance we haven't had time to get your check and process your registration. Please come to the registration desk at the convention and we will assist you.

If you are interested in attending the convention please register onsite.


Scholarship Donation - PASS IT ON!Your kind donation will be recorded in a separate PayPal transaction and will help all to celebrate sobriety at this special event, regardless of the means to pay!
More about scholarships at
What if I can't pay?